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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

H'mong village

The Hmong are native people fromthe mountainous regions of southern China (especially Guizhou region) north of Vietnam and Laos with the name of Miao. The Hmong call themselves as " Montagnard "


The Hmong have settled between the eighteenth and early twentieth century in the frontier regions of high altitude terrain, this environment is conducive to the exploitation of precious woods, livestock and growing corn, rice, vegetables, hemp and cotton. The cottage industry has developed.

In Vietnam, there are four groups of Hmong: Whites, Greens, Blacks and Flower. Nevertheless, these groups have great diversity of language and the customs or clothing.

Among the Hmong, there are several ways to get married. Firstly, when a Hmong man wants to marry, he chose his future wife, during the night, with the help of family and friends the girl will be brought to his home. The next morning, a family member of the Hmong man will wake up the family of Hmong women and discuss the "price" to pay as compensation for the bride. This price is paid with the lao-lao (rice wine), fat pig, rice, etc.. In the second way, the parents mutually agree to an engagement at an early age children. The third choice is when a man feels old enough to marry, he will go to work out with the parents of his bride.



Once married, the Hmong woman will live in the village of her husband. She must care for her husband's parents until their death. That's why sometimes the bride of a Hmong man is chosen by his parents. If the husband's parents realize that their son's wife will not take good care of them, they can divorce her send back to the family with compensation for the parents of the bride.

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